What is the True Cost of Installing and Operating a Biometric Attendance System?


Employee productivity is one of the concerns for businesses. The aim is to get the best performance by using advanced technology. So, the biometric attendance system is a tracking system that identifies the employee’s attendance. Time is significant in today’s world, and businesses can save time by using a biometric attendance system. It is a helpful way for companies to record employee attendance and boost company security. Let’s discuss the cost and benefits of this system in detail.

biometric attendance system

Cost of Installing:

The biometric system contains both hardware and software components. The hardware is a device that counts employee attendance and the software is designed to manage the overall employee biometric attendance system. But, the cost of implementation depends upon the size and choice of the business.

Hardware System Cost:

The time attendance terminal price starts from $40 and reaches up to $1200. Also, the cost depends upon different features like image or text logs, durability, matching, or processing data speed. It can vary depending on the capacity for users’ accommodations. The devices with high memory capacity can store more than 2 lac templates. So, the facial recognition-based terminal can be in the range of $125 to $1400.

Software System Cost:

The cost of time-tracking software starts from $1 and reaches $40 per month. The price of biometric time and attendance systems revolves around the tools and users needed for the business. Moreover, the cost depends upon the integration level. For example, the cloud-based system price is $1-$10 per month. Many providers also charge a base fee ranging from $20 to $100 a month.


There are many benefits of biometric attendance system software. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of this technology.

Enhanced Security:

The biometric attendance system gives a high level of security. The reason is its physical features are unique to traditional solutions. For example, when an employee uses an attendance register, their identity is verified through face scans or fingerprints. But, the biometric attendance management system doesn’t use ID badges and cards. The system can be beneficial in keeping sensitive data safe. Also, you can manage the security of the business by controlling employee access. You can use these systems to improve security in buildings and schools. By using a biometric attendance system, universities and schools can monitor the attendance system.

Ideal for the Workforce:

The biometric attendance system is a way to ensure the organization’s discipline. You will be able to operate in a well-defined manner. It saves money, and no staff is required to monitor the system. The companies can focus on system functionality. Therefore, employee productivity can increase with the workflow.

Transparent Accountability:

The best thing about biometric attendance system software is employee accountability. All employees need to be responsible for their actions. Moreover, it can remove the hurdles by providing a return on investment. It will be easy to check the negligence of the employee. You will be able to check the misuse of time by employees. With proper accountability, you can raise productivity levels.

Improve Efficiency:

When you adopt advanced methods, you will be able to improve the system’s efficiency. The employees can use a biometric attendance system login. This system can make you able to track attendance with an automated process. So, it’s the way to make the payroll department more effective. The workers will not need to rely on manual sign-in sheets and punch cards. Therefore, the biometric system provides accurate information about the people present at work. In this way, you can enhance work efficiency by saving costs.

Easy to Integrate:

The biometric time and attendance systems are easy to install and integrate. Many systems do not need extensive IT support. Also, the biometric attendance software is designed to play and plug. It means you don’t need to make a new program, and you can easily integrate it with HR software. The biometric devices also use an attendance system. These devices are compact and easy to install with many interfaces.

Increase Employee Morale:

Installing the biometric system can make your employee more regular. Without a proper system, the morale of workers usually remains down. Due to this, your company will end up costing more lost in productivity. But, the employee will remain active with the biometric attendance management system. It’s the better approach to apply as it is more effective. Therefore, you should work on advanced features to enhance your system functionality.

Key Features:

Regarding the attendance system, there are several configurations to consider. The business can choose the best approach according to its business needs. But, there are some key features that you should add to your biometric attendance management system. These include employee information and data storage. The biometric system consists of the following parts.

The facility of Mobile App:

You can use your mobile phone to manage attendance by downloading the mobile application. This feature makes it easy for employees to apply for leave. So, it could be best to use the biometric attendance system software.

Attendance and Time Reporting:

This feature is ideal for making the analyzing pattern simple. You can calculate the payroll, wages, and attendance patterns with the help of this approach.

Business Trip Management:

The biometric attendance system login will help you to manage the business trip. The employee can track the location and time of other employees. Also, it can be helpful for individuals to travel with ease for sales and logistics.

Enrolling new Employees:

One of the features of the biometric attendance system is its ability to enroll employees using fingerprints and face. This feature helps track employee attendance with an accurate record.

Absence Management:

You can use biometrics for absence management. You will be able to know which employees are present to make records.

biometric attendance system

Final Words:

In conclusion, the biometric attendance system is helpful for businesses in many ways. It can include attendance tracking and accurate timing to get productive solutions. Also, it can be used to control employee attendance. The biometric system can give you access to real-time data. It is a simple method to increase the company’s success. Thus, it is one of the leading solutions to track and manage the attendance of employees.

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