What is a Brick-and-Click Store?


Brick-and-Click Store

The Brick And Click Store business model is also known as the “click and motor shop”. This business model operates traditional physical retail outlets and online stores. Brick and click store is a combination of an online shop and a physical retail location. The brick-and-click business model is known as “clicks and bricks” which unifies two sales channels. In addition to this, it is a beneficial way to help businesses in growth with customers to make more purchases. With the advancement in the e-commerce industry, many brick-and-click retailers have started considering their business strategies and models.

The companies like Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods have a chain of click and brick stores. These companies now have online stores where customers can order things by choosing one physical location. Furthermore, the smaller business can get benefits from the brick and click business model. So, business owners have formulated a business model to combine their online and physical operations into a single strategy. In this guide, we will explain everything about the brick and click model including the pros and cons of both stores.

Brick And Click Store model

Click and Brick Business Model?

The brick-and-click business model is a combined e-commerce sale channel and physical retail location. This business model permits small businesses to get the benefits of two unique sales channels with a unified strategy. Combining both channels will allow you to provide more shopping choices to the customers. Therefore, it is a great way to increase the potential brand reach and earnings at the same time.

Basic Key Principles of Click and Brick Store:

There are different things associated with brick-and-click stores regardless of the business size. Below are some basic principles to consider about brick and click business model.

1. Operation Flexibility:

The pure click and brick permit customers to select how they want to buy the items and also the way of delivery. Moreover, it is also necessary to choose a physical operation that will be good for both seller and the client. In this way, the return will be convenient by maintaining online communication.

2. Increased Customer Experience:

Having both physical and online stores will be beneficial for clients to purchase the item in the way they want. Thus, purchasing things online and delivery to the physical location is one of the best brick-and-click examples.

3. Brand Growth:

With the help of a brick-and-click business model, businesses can reach a big audience with different marketing strategies and multiple sales channels.

brick-and-click business model

Advantages and Disadvantages:

To know the details, it’s necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of brick and click business.


1. Improved Analytics:

With the help of a web analytics tool, it would be helpful to refine the physical store by meeting customers. In addition to this, you will be able to get real-time feedback for the best online experience. So, it is a great way to see the success of the product and service in detail.

2. Better Customers Experience:

When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a brick-and-click business, it’s better to consider customers’ experiences. Brick-and-click stores permit retailers to get a variety of options for their customers. In this way, the shopping experience will be enjoyable. This model is also beneficial to attaining customers’ preferences.

3. Reach more Clients:

The use of the online channel is also a way to distribute items far outside the local community. Moreover, a pure click and brick store will bring more customers from local communities that extend the customer base.

brick-and click business model.

4. Less Crowded Space:

One of the best things about brick-and-click stores is it has less saturation. Google and Amazon have dominated the online place. Moreover, social media influencers will be more visible among customers.


1. Additional Cost:

One of the disadvantages of brick and click Store business models is the additional cost. Running online and physical stores needs big investments such as website management, staff, and salary.

2. Enhanced Investment Time:

To manage and implement the store with a pure click and brick model, you should invest more time. It is because of inventory management across both channels and general differences. Therefore, inventory management will turn analytics into action between offline and online experiences.

pure click and brick

3. Long-Term Onboarding:

Brick-and-click business models need more time to adapt to e-commerce stores. On the other hand, the e-commerce store is required to follow the principles of a physical store.

The Ways to Use this Model:

Here are some successful ways to use brick-and-click business models.

1. Selection of Store:

Online shopping is an exciting and convenient way. However, sometimes it fails to satisfy customers. With the help of online ordering, the brick-and-click model is a convenient way for customers.

2. Return and Exchange Rule:

Pure click and brick models have an advantage over traditional ways of handling buyers’ returns. The customers are free to buy and return items online conveniently. Therefore, it is the ultimate way to get positive reviews from happy customers.

3. In-Store Browsing:

Many customers find online shopping a limited option with brick-and-click models. However, retailers with limited physical space can increase their space by giving an excellent in-store experience. They can avail chances like QR codes for online store connection.

In-Store Browsing

4. Consistency:

No one wants to waste time by seeing the sold items. Therefore, if you want to avoid customer dissatisfaction, brick-and-click retailers need to keep their websites up to date online and offline.

5. Discounts:

Cost and convenience are reasons for choosing brick and click business model. In addition to this, the retailers will be able to drive their business to the physical locations effectively. According to a recent survey, it is found that customers always purchase discounted items at low prices. Therefore, using coupons, lower prices, and promotions are the best factors to choose click and brick stores.

Examples of Brick and Click Store:

With the advancement in e-commerce, many retailers are familiar with brick and click business models. They are running their retail stores and selling products through online systems. Different brick-and-click examples are working as big company names. Walmart and Target are also the best brick-and-click business models. Some other retail stores such as Petco, Old Navy, and DSW is also examples of click and brick stores. With the advancement in technology, more and more businesses are investing in brick-and-click models.

Bottom Line:

With the day-by-day changing retail industry, the brick-and-click business model is becoming more prominent among large and small businesses. In addition to this, you will be able to access more buyers and more profit with exclusive sale strategies. Before deciding to choose brick-and-click store strategies, it’s essential to know the right path for your business. The most important factors are resources and investments. Therefore, it’s significant to create a plan to make a good customer engagement with the help of pure click and brick.

Examples of Brick.

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