How to Design an Effective Business Intelligence Architecture?


Nowadays, businesses are under pressure to make decisions fasters. The working of companies has changed leading to a decision-making process. Also, mobile devices have reached the point where they are playing role in business decisions. Mobile is changing the way of information delivery and work processes. Also, the dashboards are helpful for users to absorb the information. Mobile business intelligence systems are ideal to get full benefits in a competition. Let’s discuss the ways to design business intelligence for your company.

Mobile business intelligence

Create a Vision:

You need to start with clear mobile business intelligence solutions and vision. For this, you can identify the areas of your business. It would be the best step to improve data analytics. Also, you should need to be realistic and practical. You should consider the following things:

  • The resources to implement the business intelligence plan.
  • Different data sources and data volume
  • The BI tool and lifecycle management

All these things can be highly beneficial for you to make a clear business vision.

Build a Team:

You will need a team of engineers, experts, and project managers to understand the business goals. Moreover, you need to hire visualization experts and data collection. Hiring experts is the priority of big organizations. But, if you are running a small business, you should outsource mobile business intelligence solutions. If you are about to build an in-house team, consider the following positions.

Project Manager:

The project manager will help you to manage the stakeholder and project timeline.


To discover data patterns and provide better solutions, the analyst can help you.


An architect can help you create data pipelines that meet users’ concerns.


Developers can help you to get company data and transfer it to the new environment.

Mobile business intelligence

Check the Framework:

The BI tools are in use by managers, team leads, and stakeholders. So, it’s difficult to know which BI user will have access to what kind of data. You should choose mobile business intelligence software for managing the framework. Also, define the permissions depending on the team’s needs with custom solutions. You can hire an artificial intelligence company to fulfill business expectations and demands.

Make a Roadmap:

The business intelligence roadmap is a graphic representation of the scheduled operations. Moreover, the roadmap should include all the technical information about the system. It is one of the best advantages of mobile business intelligence. Standard reporting is not the function of business intelligence applications. Also, you can explore data by getting insight into information. Some of the features of business intelligence tools are:

  • Capacity to make a connection and extract data from different sources.
  • Ability to use different charts.
  • Making things easy for people to analyze and explore data.

Select the Best Vendor:

While choosing a business intelligence vendor, you will find different choices. However, consider various factors before choosing one.  Another element you need to take into account is the cost of the services. Also, purchasing mobile business intelligence tools may be less expensive. Selecting a business vendor can be a crucial task for you. Always consider their compatibility with the existing infrastructure. The hybrid environment is one of the exclusive options if you want the best solutions. You can use scalable solutions with customizable features. It could be a beneficial way to boost your business appearance.

Establish your Architecture:

To run mobile business intelligence, you should create the best framework for the organization. Make sure to define the data sources that need to be integrated according to the business architecture. Also, you should know the business needs and data architecture. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to evaluate different factors such as privacy and budget.

Select a Sponsor:

Your choice to sponsor the project needs a high level of execution. Before you begin, you need to align your vision for business intelligence activities. Companies can take different business intelligence initiatives. The training and enterprise need support for the platform. So, the sponsor can play a vital role in the system’s progress. To launch a new platform, you need to generate valuable reports to share with the sponsor. Hence, it could lead to a better solution for effective business strategies.

Identify Stakeholders:

Business intelligence mobile services include software. For this, you also need financial data. You can work with a different representative to make the best business intelligence plan. Also, you need to know what kind of services they can offer. You can use business intelligence scope to get business insight. Thus, it would lead you toward a better solution with effective business strategies.

Mobile Business Intelligence


Make a Data Infrastructure:

For business intelligence, you must have clear data sources to perform analysis. With modern BI solutions, you can evaluate data from different sources. The data can be of two types, one is trusted data, and the other is untrusted data. Trusted data can be stored in data-based such as financial data and spreadsheets. You must need this data for business analysis. But, untrusted data is information such as business processes, emails, and new items. With mobile business intelligence software, you can use untrusted data to secure the environment. Thus, it would be the best way to access consumers’ information with ease.


Below are some of the advantages of mobile business intelligence for your company.

Ideal for Decision-Making:

Mobile business intelligence gives access to real-time data from any location and at any time. It gives information about the consumers to make a quick decision. So, it’s an ideal approach to making a fast decision.

Easy Access:

Mobile BI is not limited to a certain place or single device. You can view your data having real-time visibility to improve production. In addition, you can obtain a company perspective with a single click and simple processes.

Enhance Productivity:

When you extend the business intelligence mobile services, you can access the team. In this way, it would be easy to get the corporate data with a single click. So, the productivity results will be smooth and helpful with business intelligence.


Many companies are getting responsive and better ways to do business. So, real-time data improvement and easy access are ideal to raise sales. You will be able to make mandatory decisions fast with the help of this approach.



Mobile phone data technology is growing in use. You need to make quick decisions to be successful. Also, the number of businesses is increasing day by day. So, if you want to expand your business productivity, you need mobile business intelligence. It could help you as it is beneficial for both small and large companies. In addition, mobile BI can be helpful for you as there is a high demand for mobile BI. Thus, to make timely decisions and increase your enterprise reputation, you need to make quick decisions.

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