The Facts about Pros and Cons of Power BI


Pros and Cons of Power BI

Pros and cons of Power BI is the best analytics service available in the Microsoft marketplace. The blog is helpful to know the pros and cons of Power BI in detail. Power BI is an intelligence platform for businesses that offers users tools for data sharing, visualization, and analysis. The user interface for Power BI is good for those users who are familiar with excel. The combination with other Microsoft products makes it an ideal and versatile tool that only needs little training. Therefore, Power BI is a collection of software apps and services. These services and applications work together to turn unrelated data into collective insight.

Microsoft Power BI helps users to connect data sources. Furthermore, the tool is also beneficial to know what is ideal to share with others. The name Power BI is a collection of services that helps businesses to manage data with ease. So, the tool is useful for multiple purposes. There are different facts about the pros and cons of Power BI that everyone should need to consider. The guide is helpful to know the benefits and limitations of this tool in detail.

Pros And Cons Of Power BI.


Below are some Microsoft Power BI benefits that would be helpful to learn about this software in detail.


Power BI has a large number of custom visuals that are available on the Microsoft market. Furthermore, you can also use Power BI visuals in dashboards and reports. Some visualizations of Power BI are maps, graphs, KPIs, and charts.


One of the best advantages of using Power BI is that it is affordable. There are no Microsoft power BI costs for the desktop version. You can download it to make reports on your computer. However, if you want to publish your reports with Power BI services, you can buy a monthly paid version. The Microsoft Power BI costs are affordable, and it is available at a fair price than other BI tools.

Pros And Cons Of Power BI..

Integrity with Excel:

One of the best Microsoft Power BI benefits is you can upload and view data in excel. In addition, you can also select double data in reports and dashboards. It offers an option to open excel and view the same data in an excel spreadsheet. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI can help users to work and view data with Power BI. This feature makes a differentiation between Microsoft Power BI vs. PowerPoint.Exclusive Updates:

Updates are the best benefits when we talk about the pros and cons of power BI. So, Power BI gets updates from Microsoft every month. In addition, Microsoft helps users in uploading their suggestions about Power BI and its features. The suggestion that gets the most rating has a chance to be included in the next upgrades. Furthermore, the users will get notified about the updates. Due to this upgrading system, Power BI has the best functionalities.

Connection of Data:

The best Microsoft Power BI benefit is it connects multiple data sources. In addition, Power BI can read data from files like excel and XML. You can also connect it with SQL and other databases. Moreover, the Power BI can read data from online sources like Facebook and Google analytics. Users can pull data from different sources in datasets to analyze them offline. Additionally, Microsoft is adding different sources to see data.

One of the major Microsoft Power BI benefits is it is ideal for data connection. Moreover, Power BI can be used as data analysis software to import data from multiple sources. Power BI can access data sources. Therefore, you will get different data sources to connect and get data analysis.

Microsoft Power BI benefits

Collective Visualization:

The most useful advantage of Power BI over other data tools is its interactive visualization. Users can use its functionality to add multiple visuals in one report. You can also interact with visuals by applying filters and making a selection. Therefore, Power BI has an interface that is easy to understand through visualization.


Microsoft Power BI updates and features are ideal in the Microsoft marketplace. However, there are different pros and cons of Power BI. So we cannot ignore the limitations of this tool.

Expensive Processing:

One of the Microsoft Power BI issues is its cost on the on-premise storage and processing. When users need to keep reports and data on-premise, they will face legal regulations. However, solutions are available in the Power BI pro version. The Microsoft Power BI costs for the premium version may not be affordable for many clients. So, it is one of the main limitations that you should consider.


When it comes to importing data and creating simple reports, Power BI is enough. However, you cannot do advanced analysis with this tool. The complication in the system is one of the major Microsoft Power BI issues that need an external consultant.

The Limitation in Handling Data:

When you use Power BI to handle massive data, it generally offers limitations. For instance, the data size you can import in Power BI premium is 1GB. Therefore, there is a limit for reports and dashboards. If you want to analyze and import large data, you should process the entire data set with Power BI pro.

Multiple Programming Languages:

There are different Microsoft Power BI issues, and one of them is too many programming languages. Many BI software has internal languages. However, there are two languages in power BI. M language to form data models and DAX language to perform manipulations. Moreover, it is not compulsory to use the M language because you can use different tools. These tools will help you to understand and write code in the M language. Overall, if you want to learn Power BI, you should have complete knowledge of these two languages.

Multiple Programming Languages


One of the Microsoft Power BI issues is rigidity. Some users have an issue while using Power BI than other applications. The tool is designed for visual purposes. It is a limitation in Power BI when we talk about Microsoft Power BI vs. PowerPoint. In addition, data models need to be made carefully. In this way, you will be able to avoid complex table relationships. The problem has now been resolved with many progressive improvements.

Relation with Excel:

The compatibility of Power BI with Microsoft Excel is low. Therefore, it’s possible to use the application when it is integrated with different tools of excel. Some users may not be experts with excel data, reports, and models. These users will face difficulties in learning. Therefore, they should be familiar with both DAX function and excel.


Power BI is the best tool for self-service BI. The tool is ideal in the Microsoft market. Enterprises are considering different modern solutions to analyze data. So, the Power BI is one of the best ways for organizations to make well-informed decisions. The developers are constantly working to make improvements for a better version.

self-service BI

The guide is helpful to know the different pros and cons of Power BI. Power BI is one of the best solutions for enterprises no matter what their size and domain is. We analyze users’ needs and formulate different facts about the benefits and limitations of Power BI.

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