The Best Help Desk Tracking Software for Small Businesses


Help desk software is a tool to manage, organize and respond to customers’ requests. Some help desk tools are in use for internal service requests, and others are helpful for external user requests. Nowadays, help desk positions and technical support are used widely. Moreover, the demand for computer specialists is increasing with time. Help desks include different tools such as knowledge-based software. Also, the best help desk tracking software is an ideal way to enhance user experience. Read the guide to learn about the most helpful help desk software.


SysAid is one of the leading help desk software that offers different delivery models. Moreover, it offers flexible solutions that allow easy customization. SysAid is a help desk ticketing system that manages IT requests with ease. Also, you can create a self-service portal for knowledge management. In this way, employees can handle the basic request on their own. With SysAid, you can get multiple templates, and you can create your own custom. Many of the IT tools are in use in conjunction with SysAid. It has asset management features that make it easy to manage the network. So, to improve customer experience, you should choose SysAid.


FreshDesk is a cloud-based help desk software that is ideal for improving customer support. Furthermore, its cost-effective and exclusive features are popular among online enterprises. FreshDesk offers a good help desk, especially in a call center setting. When you sign up, you will get access to tools like chat capabilities, shared inbox, and knowledge base tools. All these tools can help to manage support requests. Also, you can get access to third-party integrations to support tech stack connections. You will find a lot of add ONS options with this tool. However, these features are available at high prices. So, try to choose budget-friendly pricing plans.


The front is a custom communication hub that makes collaboration easy. The team can also communicate with personal email addresses. So, you can connect SMS, email, and social media accounts with Front. It also comes with automation features that offer integrations and analytics. But, some of the features are only available with high-cost plans. You should also note that the Front doesn’t include a knowledge base for FAQs and real-time support. The pricing starts from $19 per person per month. Thus, it’s the best help desk software for small businesses.

Help Scout:

Help Scout is a customer support platform that includes tools to deliver an outstanding experience. It is an internal help desk software with shared inboxes. You can upload images, videos, and other content to create self-service content. In addition, a Help Scout is a multi-use tool that offers proactive support. Its live chat function has offline and online options to help customers. Also, Help Scout comes with a pre-built dashboard that enhances the team performance. With the help of these features, you can offer a customizable interface. Thus, you should consider help scout as one of the leading software for help desk support.

Best Help Desk Tracking Software


Hiver is one of the best extensions for help desk software. With this software, you can manage conversations with ease. Moreover, the software gives access to reporting that is helpful in understanding the team’s performance. It’s worth considering that Hiver doesn’t contain additional tools like most other software. So, it can limit the ability to scale with the team. Moreover, it offers basic features that include higher-cost plans. You can consider this software as one of the best help desk tracking software.

Jira Service Desk:

The Jira service desk is associated with the team, and it offers a lot of support. Users can create custom workflows to ensure the project runs smoothly. Moreover, the Jira service desk is the best help desk tracking software that provides a reporting system. The reports can give insight into the overall workload with bug tracking. You can easily track, manage and receive the customer’s requests. Also, Jira service management makes it easy to categorize problems. It is designed to bring development, operations, and teams close together with a variety of features. The free plan software is also available, and paid plans start at $7.50 for one user per month.


Zendesk is the best free help desk software for enterprise teams. It provides multi-channel support solutions with features like live chat tools, shared inbox, and a knowledge base. Moreover, the tool offers advanced AI-based solutions for auto responders and chatbots. You can get access to automation features with 1000+ integrations. These integrations are helpful in connecting with other tools. The flip side is it’s complicated and needs a lot of energy, time, and resources. Moreover, Zendesk comes with exclusive solutions ideal for help desk management.

Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk is one of the best help desk platforms including different features like knowledge base tools and shared inbox. However, the software has advanced features like tagging and conversation sorting. Zoho Desk is the best internal help desk software that provides customer support. Moreover, it is designed to help all sizes of businesses. Its key features include a customer portal, support tickets, report creation, and contract management. Moreover, the tool focused on contextual AI that helps to streamline customer care. You can look at the Zoho Desk reviews to know the details.

best help desk tracking software


Gorgias is the leading help desk solution for the e-commerce industry. Moreover, it offers access to shared inbox tools and knowledge-based tools. It is a target help desk software that provides many integrations. You can edit orders and save a lot of time by using its feature. However, its plans offer ticket limits which means the cost can vary depending on the volume. The base plan includes 350 monthly support tickets which are equal to 12 tickets per day.


Kustomer is a combined project management and helps desk software to create a unique solution. Moreover, it is internal help desk software that offers support for chat, phone, email, and social accounts. You can view pictures and update multiple systems by saving energy and time. Also, Kustomer provides exclusive features, but you may find it expensive. The pricing plans are confusing because it includes different add ONS. You can check the previous views to know the pricing and competition details. It would give you the best way to know about the features of Kustomer.

Final words:

Regardless of your business size, customer communication and resolving their problems can be a real challenge. After the recent pandemic, the demand for online purchasing has increased, and customers prefer online shopping. The companies have embraced hybrid work models that let employees work from home. So, with the best help desk tracking software, companies can communicate with customers and employees. It also offers various tools that can give a consistent experience. Therefore, you should prefer using help desk tools to increase system performance.

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