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Quantum physics has been changing different technological fields including machine learning. On the other hand, quantum machine learning is a largely theoretical approach. It is also in use as a widespread application. Furthermore, quantum computers are becoming accessible to increase the speed of processes. These computers open different ways for new machine learning tools. Furthermore, quantum computers are in use as neutral networks. You can use physical control systems to solve problems. Therefore, it’s important to understand free quantum machine learning software. You have to know the difference between classical and quantum machine learning. Keep reading the blog to understand quantum machine learning software in detail.

free quantum machine learning software

What is Quantum Machine Learning?

To understand quantum machine learning, you first need to know about quantum mechanics and machine learning. Machine learning is a computer science that uses software and data for human learning. Additionally, quantum computing is a technique that works on quantum mechanics. This technology is helpful for solving complex problems. So, the quantum machine learning tools combine these two fields to make a computer. These computers can learn and operate much better than ordinary machine learning. Also, quantum machine learning is complete research to cover different ideas. For example, to speed up quantum computers, you have to use machine learning. Thus, this technique helps estimate quantum systems and develop new quantum algorithms.


The use of free quantum machine learning applications is increasing. Moreover, you need to understand how it works. Quantum computing machines are becoming vital in the research field. We only know that quantum machine learning depends on propositions. Also, many of us assume that we can build affordable computers with this technology. In classical computing, two bits can take four states. It means that every bit pair represents a single binary combination. But, in quantum computing, the single bit exists simultaneously. Therefore, the single bit can save all four binary configurations. It allows many powerful computations. Moreover, it also permits solving complex equations more efficiently than classical computing. That’s how it works to give better and more advanced solutions.

Free Quantum Machine Learning Platforms:

To do a task properly, you need to have the right platform. These basics also apply in the quantum machine learning industry. Therefore, you should have tools to offer cloud-based quantum machine learning services. These tools allow users to design quantum algorithms. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled the top 3 free quantum machine learning platforms. It would allow you to do something creative. So, let’s discuss all these platforms in detail.


ProjectQ is a free quantum machine learning software platform started at ETH Zurich. The framework of this software is implemented in Python. Moreover, it permits users to apply for their quantum programs in Python by using powerful syntax. The ProjectQ translates the programs to quantum chips including the IBM quantum experience. Also, it supports other hardware platforms for future use. Users will get a library called FermiLib to access the code and documentation. It also checks different problems with the ProjectQ tools. Therefore, you should consider it the best free quantum machine learning application.

The advantage of ProjectQ is its automation for project planning. This platform is helpful for project experts to establish a foundation for the project. Also, it offers tools with key deliveries to keep the plan up to date. Thus, you can use it for accurate AI prediction.

free quantum machine learning software.


Some basic features of ProjectQ are:

  • High level of language for writing quantum programs
  • Different software and hardware backend
  • Customizable and modular compiler
  • Library to solve problems


Perceval is one of the best quantum machine learning tools based platforms. The focus of this platform is to develop new-generation quantum computers. These computers are based on light manipulation. Furthermore, Perceval is an open-source framework for programming computers. It offers quantum machine learning tools to make circuits from a single photon source. It works on quantum simulation to make the new generation of quantum algorithms. In addition, this platform aims to provide tools to develop quantum photonic circuits. Users will have access to back-end algorithms both symbolically and numerically. You can run Perceval on a local desktop with different extensions. Furthermore, it allows users to design algorithms.


QuiTip is a quantum computing software with open systems. The library of this platform depends upon the numerical packages. Moreover, the platform offers graphical output. QuiTip aims to provide users with friendly numerical solutions. These are found in physics applications such as superconductivity circuits and quantum optics. QuiTip is one of the cloud-based quantum machine learning tools that are free. It is available for use on Mac, Linux, and OSX. Therefore, QuiTip is ideal for exploring quantum mechanics details. It includes over a thousand tests with different functions. These tests are run during development to ensure the results with correct answers. Also, it is one of the well-tested platforms.

Why Quantum Machine Learning?

Machine learning and quantum computing are a match made in heaven. Below are some of its advantages over classical computing systems.

  • Quantum machine learning is ideal for exploring the interconnection of quantum computing and machine learning.
  • It makes you able to find complex models in machine learning.
  • The technology helps in quantum software implementation.
  • The free quantum machine learning applications help users to run machine learning faster.
  • It extends the hardware pool with new computing devices known as quantum computers.
  • Machine learning uses trained algorithms by using a lot of data.
  • The quantum machine learning software allows devices to find data insight to create information.

quantum machine learning tools


The researchers always try to find the answer to day-to-day problems. Working on real-world problems comes with different complexities. There have been many cases where classical machine learning failed to work. These led researchers to think about free quantum machine learning software and its future uses. This field is helpful and exciting at the same time. Also, it is ideal to solve issues with computational methods. The process depends on different laws of physics and delivers good generating power. Thus, quantum machine learning tools help enhance the field with appropriate solutions.

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