What are the Top Java Features? A Detailed Guide


Java is an object-oriented language. The language is designed with less implementation dependence. Furthermore, you can use it as a platform for app development. Java is a reliable and fast programming language. Also, it is one of the most reliable languages with top java features. This language was first released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. You can use it to build your projects. Moreover, you can combine Java with innovative applications. Even some websites cannot work without Java. So, developers are learning this language for perfect business solutions.

Top Java Features

Top Java Features:

Let’s discuss the java features to know the language in detail.


Record is one of the top java features. In addition, it is a unique feature with short syntax. You can use records to define classes. The java record class is beneficial for holding records from a database query and service call. Also, it saves us from typing and provides a robust process for the data structure.


The module is a new java feature. Moreover, it is a process in which you can use Java as a module. The module is available as a modular JAR file and consists of more than one package. Also, the feature allows developers to split parts into small modules. With the help of this, your app will have a lower memory footprint. So, you can run the device on low memory.

Top Java Features.

Sealed Classes:

The sealed class feature gives more control over Java. It is one of the top java features that help to define which class can extend other classes. Moreover, you will be able to extend or seal an interface.

Var Keyword:

The var keyword is the most used feature of Java. The developers have to specify the data type before the var keyword. But, the value can hold any data type with these features. Thus, you don’t need to choose the data type.


Java is a secure language that ensures the memory location of the program. Also, the language has modifiers to check memory access. The bytecode in the java verifier also checks the code blocks. Furthermore, programmers cannot create pointers without permission.

Java 8 Features:

When Java 8 was released, it proved the best step for making Java better. Furthermore, this version is ideal for all aspects of language to improve the system. You can see the popularity of the Java language on social live coding platforms. Below are Java 8 new features that everyone should need to consider.

JavaScript Nashorn:

The introduction of JavaScript Nashorn has changed the world. Moreover, this feature of java 8 is ideal in terms of speed. It also uses Java 7 features to improve the drawbacks of previous versions. Besides this, you can write code directly into java code without compatibility and speed issues.

Lambda Expressions:

Lambda expression is one of Java 8’s new features. It is famous for functional programming. Until now, Java has never supported this best way to write code. With lambda expressions, you can use functions anywhere and treat them as code. Java developers use classes with lambdas to become experts. Thus, lambda becomes easy when you use separate collections and symbols.

Stream API:

The stream API is another java 8 new feature that helps developers to work with collections. The stream API and lambda functions facilitate functional programming in Java. Also, it helps programmers in writing meaningful code. So, it benefits you to work with collections as a developer. Lambda functionality is beneficial to writing simple code. However, never confuse stream API with OutPutStream and InputStream.

Optional Class:

The optional class is introduced in Java. util package. Furthermore, it is a public class that is helpful to deal with java application functions. Using this class, you can specify the code. Also, the optional class uses many null checks to avoid null pointer exceptions. You can use an optional class to prevent the programming from crashing. Moreover, the optional class gives methods that check the value of a variable.

Static and Default Method:

With the help of this Java 8 new feature, you can add methods to the interface. So, you can use interfaces with method implementation. The developers can use static and default methods to create interfaces. Moreover, the default method enables the functionality of lambda expression. With this method, you can also add functionality to interfaces in libraries. Also, the code in older versions is compatible with the interfaces. If a class wants a default method, you can provide your implementation.

Top Java Features..

Features of Java 17:

The developers target long-term support when they develop apps. So, the new Java 17 features are helpful to do this. There are different improvements in features of java 17. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

Java Text Blocks:

The simple task with hard coding is difficult. Moreover, it also needs terminators and sequences that make text difficult to write and read. But, you can use text blocks in java 17. These blocks make the text more natural. So, you can compare traditional text blocks with new java 17 block features.

Java Records:

The java record is one of the impressive Java 17 features. The java class represents data, and no methods are needed to transfer the class. But, the new java record is ideal because of its precise syntax. The record creates understandable and reliable syntax. In addition, it allows for performing programs faster. Thus, the Java record data type is an ideal addition to the java language.

Statement Expressions:

Java statements are ideal for complex logic. Moreover, switching expressions reduces the functionality. It makes statements easier to write, read and debug. Moreover, it makes the flow logic of the switch statement helpful for new programmers.


Some java syntax checkpoints lower the potential. But, the classes help to maintain the object-oriented syntax. Also, the sealed class helps developers to declare the component’s names. It’s the only way to restrict the use of the superclass.

Statement Expressions


Java is a human-readable programming language. Moreover, it is known as source code, and the CPU never understands this code. The computers only understand code or machine language. Also, the machine code would be different for different models of CPU. However, programming is all about source code. So, you don’t need to worry about machine code. The machine understands the source code and transfers it into understandable code. All the functions happen inside three main components of the java language. These components are:

  • Development kit
  • Virtual machine
  • Runtime environment

Final Words:

Now we know that features make Java a popular programming language. It has a flexible design that helps developers write code. The top java features make programmers able to create high-performance programs. Moreover, Java 8 helps to write high-quality code. Thus, if you are about to choose a programming language, Java should be your first pick. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to figure out the best features of the Java programming language.

high-performance programs

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