The Top 10 Employee Onboarding Software Platforms


Onboarding software is a technology that is helpful for employers for smooth transitions. The software for employee onboarding allows easy and fast communications. Moreover, with the help of the best employee onboarding software, you can track the system’s progress. The process includes all the steps from integration to control. Nowadays, leaders and managers know the needs of the customers. So, they prefer using such software solutions that are helpful to fulfill the customer’s demands. Here are some of the best software in use for employee onboarding.

best employee onboarding software


Scribble is a tool that helps streamline the process. It makes it easy for new hires to search for how to do the job. It’s an extension for chrome and one of the ideal onboarding employee software. This desktop app works with step-by-step instructions. In addition, it creates a guide for the team, and even individuals can start with it. The extension of this app is free with many uses. You can use this exclusive app to manage your business activities.


Talmundo is one of the best employee onboarding training software. It is built with a specific aim and is ideal for fast implementation. With the help of this tool, the customization and programming become fast, and you can run it in no time. Also, the software digitizes the onboarding process without losing the human element. You can give feedback about the tool because it offers analytics. Its pricing is based on subscriptions, and you can get it at affordable rates.


GoCo is in wide use to make business operations easy. Moreover, you can send and collect documents for new employees. It delivers operational value to the system and is helpful for all sizes of businesses. In addition, GoCo is the best employee onboarding software that plays different roles in human resources and administration. Document management, task management, and a self-service portal are some of their significant features. You can easily manage it as it offers training to the users.


Zenefits has all the HR tools to manage the business in an easy way. It offers exceptional benefits to the employees. Also, it is an ideal employee onboarding software that makes employers’ work less complicated. Zenefits offers functionalities like human resources, administration, and payroll. Moreover, the tool provides training through webinars and documentation. It also offers support services during online and business hours. You should give this software a try for the perfect business solutions.

employee onboarding training software

Able Teams:

Able Teams is a new employee onboarding software to onboard and train employees in the business industry. The software offers a mobile platform to make hiring of candidates easy for everyone. In addition, the Able Teams serves the top features to make the process easy and manageable. The tool has onboarding features like task management, employee handbook, e-signature, and a self-service portal. In addition, you can deploy software on web-based, cloud, and SaaS. There are three mode of training for this tool:

  • In-person
  • Documentation
  • Line online

You can take a free demo by getting a business hour support facility. Also, you will be able to choose this software to get exceptional services all in one place.


Boardon is an onboarding software that offers the perfect branding experience to new employers. The software has the facility to send invitations through messages and mail. In addition, the new hires can use it for presentations on their mobile phone. Boardon is one of the best onboarding software that gives users training with webinars and documentation. In addition, it provides online support and features like a self-service portal and document management. Thus, if you are looking for an advanced onboarding tool, use Boardon.


Hronboard helps in building excellent workplaces for startups and employees. It is one of the best onboarding employee software to streamline the process. The tool makes an interactive platform to bind the tasks in one place. In addition, it provides support via phone, email, and chat. It is considered as one of the best solutions for managing a smooth transition. Also, you can control the work with rehiring and seasonal updates. The tool is a perfect combination of human resources and software. The software has almost all the features needed for the best execution. Therefore, to manage the work with ease, you should use Hronboard.

new employee onboarding software


WorkBright offers digital onboarding solutions to make the work convenient. The platform provides straightforward digital capabilities that help in money flow. Also, with the help of this free employee onboarding software, you can turn the complex set into a smooth workflow. One of the best things about WorkBright is it is mobile friendly that allows users to manage system tasks. You can sign documents with your fingerprints. Furthermore, the tool pricing depends upon the number of employees the company recruits every year. For example, if you hire 100 employees in a year, the cost of an onboarding tool will be $158 per month. But, you also need to pay some extra ATS.


The onboarding process with Eddy is flexible and manageable. All the documents are created and stored digitally which helps to streamline the process easily. In addition, the tool is helpful in creating Eddy’s profile with ease. You can manage the tasks with the help of a smooth onboarding process. Also, it is one of the best employee onboarding software that can be managed with little experience. You can use this as one of the best solutions to grow your business.


Clickboarding is an onboarding tool that is helpful for the best onboarding experience. You can engage the employee to provide them with the best information. The tool comes with pre-designed templates that are helpful to set the onboarding flow with ease. In addition, you can use this as a drag-and-drop builder to make your system smooth. One of the best features is to track employee progress with onboarding flow. Also, you can offer customers seamless integration with the best software platforms.


Final Talk:

The use of onboarding software is ideal in facilitating the hiring process. When you hire a new employee, you need to adopt the best employee onboarding software. This software makes the process smooth and easy. You can communicate with the resource team to maintain the system’s performance. Moreover, many software are being used worldwide to improve the candidate’s experience. If you want to choose the best software, make a selection from the above tools. It could be the best step to increase business growth. Thus, the onboarding options can improve your internal process.

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