OpenAI Rolls out New ChatGPT Features Including Ability to go Incognito


OpenAI, the leading artificial intelligence research organization has recently announced several new features for its ChatGPT model. The most exciting of these new features is the ability for users to go incognito while using ChatGPT. OpenAI, the company behind the language model ChatGPT, has recently rolled out several new features to improve user experience and privacy. Here are some of the key features:

Incognito Mode: 

One of the major new features is the ability to go incognito while using ChatGPT. This means that users can have conversations without the model retaining any information about their identity or previous conversations.

Customizable Persona: 

Users can now create a customized persona for ChatGPT allowing them to choose the gender, tone, and personality of the model to better suit their needs.

Improved Language Capabilities: 

OpenAI has made significant improvements to the language capabilities of ChatGPT including a better understanding of idiomatic expressions, more accurate translations, and the ability to recognize and respond to different accents.

Better Memory Retention: 

ChatGPT can now retain information from previous conversations to provide more contextually relevant responses.

Enhanced Privacy:

In addition to incognito mode, OpenAI has added new privacy features to ChatGPT to further protect user data, including the ability to automatically delete conversations after a certain period of time.

Overall, these new features represent a significant improvement to the ChatGPT platform, providing users with more control over their conversations and greater privacy protections.

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