Dedicated Software Development Teams: Essential Or Overrated?

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Dedicated development teams are a popular option for companies looking to outsource their software development needs. As the name suggests, a DDT is a dedicated team that is made up of software developers and project managers who are in charge of software application development teams. This is the traditional model, where a single organization hires full-time software developers. These teams can include many members, from as few as two to as many as 100 or more.

How are dedicated development teams essential in projects or business growth?

Software is becoming increasingly complex, projects are getting larger and more teams are working together to deliver good products to the market. These trends make it important to assess your software development processes in order to optimize your chances of releasing high quality software quickly. When made up of experts, software development teams are harder to manage, but can master their discipline so well that nobody else can compete.

What agile software development team structures look like?

Some companies prefer to have a highly structured process with high-performing software development teams, having strict roles, defined processes, and well-defined goals. Others may feel more comfortable hiring contractors for projects, or outsourcing. 

A software development team is composed of Project Managers, Designers, Developers, testers, and DevOps in a hierarchal structure. The team should be composed of at least three programmers and one tester or two programmers and two testers divided into two or three groups.

How do you build a high performance team?

Constructing software products requires the joint efforts of the different roles of the software team (designers, developers, testers, managers, etc.). Great teams can reverse engineer bad software. Great teams invent inherently better products that delight customers and create business value. Teams that talk regularly to customers create more valuable products. Team dynamics that support thinking out of the box develop even better products.

4 steps you should consider to hire your next team;

Step 1: Do a deep market research

Step 2: Decide whether to outsource your project to a local development team or an onshore/offshore development team

Step 3: Analyze the company reviews, ask for recommendations that you could speak with

Step 4: Take a look at company’s past projects, case studies and results delivered

What are the types of IT outsourcing?

  • Local Outsourcing

You’ll have to pay high for local development teams of your region while having advantage of less time difference, wide range of services, and easy access.

  • Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing gives the most advantages of cost efficiency, easy access, broad specialization, Benign Environment, cultural closeness, sufficient developer market, as well as range of services.

  • Offshore Outsourcing

While still thinking to hire someone from 3rd world? But you should think twice before you go. Offshore software development teams can be cost efficient or give you sufficient talent market but least advantageous in terms of ease of access, broad specialization, Benign Environment, cultural closeness as well as range of services.

Pros of Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated software development teams can be a real asset to companies. Here’s how to get the best ROI from your development investment. These development teams save valuable staff time. Such teams provide mission-critical expertise. These development teams ensure the company gets the benefit of the latest tools and techniques. They avoid internal conflicts in industrial automation software development. The goals for software development teams keep the project on budget. These teams also enhance the flexibility of working on any project.

Look for a team that offers transparent management and communication. You want to be able to communicate with your team members and get their feedback. You also want them to be as transparent as possible about how you keep track of progress.

What does hiring a team mean in terms of cost, efficiency, and time?


A dedicated software development team has an obvious cost advantage. The client only needs to pay for developer time, which is usually cheaper than paying for independent freelancers, benefits, and overhead.


Dedicated software teams can be considered essential if you need to ensure quality and integration of various parts of an overall system functioning. For example, if your program relies on very specific and accurate information then a dedicated software team will ensure that information is integrated exactly as needed into the overall product. 


A dedicated team is unlike a distributed team where the workload is shared between more than one team. The purpose of having dedicated software developers is so that there is a dependable commitment to complete products on time and with client’s standards being met.

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